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10 ways to improve your wellbeing

Aimee Cavener

Written by Aimee Cavener, marketing advisor

Are you making time to look after your physical and mental health?

With the help of customers and colleagues, we’ve put together some top tips here on improving your wellbeing:

1. Do something you enjoy every day

Take time out and do something that makes you happy each and every day.

2. Try to keep active

Go for a walk each day if you can, or have a think about what you could do at home instead – you could try gentle exercises while you’re sitting down, or remember there are free exercise classes for all levels on YouTube too.

3. Connect with people

Whether it’s on the phone, online or in person – a quick chat with a friend or family member could make all the difference to both of you.

4. Get some fresh air

Take some time out in an outside space if you can and enjoy any nature around you. If you have a garden you could try customer Marilyn’s advice: "pull a weed up every day and it will make you feel better".

5. Give something new a go

Whether it’s taking up a new sport, finding a new walking route or getting artistic with activities like drawing and painting – find an activity you can look forward to and concentrate on. Joining a class or group can help you connect with new people too.

6. Try to get enough sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can make all the difference to your day. If you struggle with sleep, try to wind down and avoid screens before bed. Creating a relaxing routine can help you set a regular sleeping pattern.

7. Make a happy bowl

A happy bowl is somewhere you can add notes of simple, small things that have made you happy each day – it’s a great way to be thankful, and is something you can look back on when you’re feeling down.

8. Take small steps

As restrictions ease, do what you feel comfortable with and go at your own pace. Pick one or two things that feel achievable, and then build it up from there.

9. Breathe

If you feel stressed, have a break, make yourself comfortable and take some deep breaths. Spending a minute just breathing in and out slowly can help you feel calm.

Mental health support

You can always speak to your support worker if you have one, as well as your doctor. Remember there are lots of people and organisations out there who can offer you support.

10. Get support if you need it

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help – if you’re not feeling yourself you can always speak to your doctor, as well as your support worker if you have one. 

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