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We publish important information because you should be able to scrutinise how we work; it helps us improve how we do things but also means you can be confident we’re running our business the right way.

How we're doing

Our progress, success and challenges from the last financial year.

What to expect from us

How we work and the standards you can expect.

Information requests Scotland

All about information requests in Scotland.

Your data and how it's used

More information on cookies, our data protection officer and our privacy policy.

Home Group and the environment

How we're working with customers, colleagues and partners to improve our environmental impact.

Equality and diversity in the workplace

Find out how the gender and ethnicity pay gap is calculated and our results.

Meet our board

Meet our board

Meet our board, our executive team and discover more about our legal structure.

How we're performing

How we're performing

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) are a set of 22 performance measurements used by all housing associations. They cover the things that matter most to customers, like repairs, complaints and safety.

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