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Accessing our specialist support services

We’re committed to providing quality care and specialist support services that make a real difference to our customers.

Mental health support

We provide support that helps customers recovering from mental health difficulties to live in the community, make a home and achieve their aspirations.

Supporting customers with learning disabilities

We deliver support to customers with learning disabilities and/or autism to help them make a home and achieve their aspirations.

Community wellbeing

Our community wellbeing schemes help customers over the age of 55 become more independent by giving them a place to call home and 24 hour support if needed.

Drop-in services

We offer local drop in sessions throughout out services to help customers with physical and mental health issues. Drop in services are currently only available in England.

Our specialist support services

We offer different levels of specialist support across health, social care, and housing services to thousands of customers every year.

Before you get started

You might not be looking for a specialist support service, in which case let's put you in touch with the right people:

Existing customer needing support: Speak with your housing officer first. If you're not sure who that is then get in touch.

Issues with anti-social behaviour: Report anti-social behaviour here

Want to rent a home: Visit Find a home to rent

Accessing our specialist support services

How you access our specialist support services will depend on the type of support you’re looking for and where you live. In some cases we may need your local authority to refer you to us. Or you may be referred by someone who is providing you with care (like your doctor).

Are you looking for specialist support services?

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