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Our care and clinical support model

We're implementing a new approach to care and clinical support. Our care and clinical support model, is about our customers living independently and feeling enabled (LIFE).

Our LIFE model

Our care and clinical support model is about our customers living independently and feeling enabled (LIFE).

LIFE provides a framework for our support teams with clear principles and domains that structure, support, and enable customers to achieve their best life.

We have partnered with our customers, colleagues and external experts to develop and test our LIFE model. This includes:

Principles of our LIFE model

LIFE, has three overarching principles:

Psychologically Informed: Our psychologically informed services focus on improving the emotional and psychological wellbeing of our customers, taking into account their psychological needs to deliver emotional health.

Person Centred: Our support is led by our customers and their choices. We work with each person and their team to identify what matters to them and their aspirations. This drives how and what we do.

Strengths Based: We look for what is strong and not wrong with people and build on their skills. We identify, recognise, and celebrate each customer's unique gifts, talents, and resources.

Domains of our LIFE model

LIFE is split into three overlapping domains.

Wellbeing: We focus on what’s important to and for our customers. Encompassing both aspirations and management of risk so that they can extend and explore their world safely.

Skills: We concentrate on developing our customers’ skills to remain independent or gain independence. Encompassing communication, daily living and the ability to engage with local communities.

Physical health: We address personal behaviour and lifestyle risks, access to healthcare and enable reasonable adjustments. Covid-19 shone an evident and poignant light on health inequalities and re-energised our ambition to address them.

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