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Customer top tips: eat well for less

Ellie Hughes

Ellie Hughes, marketing campaigns manager

Members of our Wonder Women customer group and over 30 customers from our anyone@home digital involvement group, shared their top tips to help with the cost of living. Here are their ideas on how you can save on food and eat well.

When you shop

  • “Make a list before you go. Only buy what you need and try to stick to healthy basics.”
  • “It takes time, but comparing prices in different supermarkets is important.”
  • “Don't go shopping when hungry, you tend to buy more.”
  • “Go to your supermarket just before they close and get reduced items. Remember things can be frozen and saved for later.”
  • “If you're regularly throwing food away then cut back – try not to buy the stuff you throw out again.”
  • “Try to buy items that have longer best before dates to reduce food waste – and remember sometimes food is okay after its best before date or can be frozen to use later. However use by dates should not be exceeded.”
  • “Shop wisely, some discount stores do branded goods at a reduced price or you can buy cheaper own brand goods!”
  • “When things are on offer (like buy two, get one free) consider whether you could split the cost with friends or family.”
  • “Loyalty and club cards can reduce prices at bigger supermarkets. Or try your local shop for a bargain, they often have stock which you can't find in supermarkets and shopping local is good for the community.”

When you cook

  • “Plan a weekly menu to make sure none of your food goes to waste.”
  • “Do batch cooking. You can make double the amount, and freeze the other half.”
  • “Use a slow cooker. It’s good for cheaper cuts of meat and batch cooking.”
  • “Using an air fryer can work out cheaper than using the oven.”
  • “If using your oven try cooking several items at a time rather than cooking things separately.”
  • “Cooking in bulk means there are meals already prepared if you’re tired or something unexpected happens.”

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Help with money

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