Report ASB, nuisance noise or a neighbourhood management issue

If there is an immediate risk to your, or someone else's, safety call 999.

The support we give differs depending on what you are experiencing

For example, a hate crime (anti-social behaviour) will be treated differently from the irritating noise of your neighbour banging their doors (a neighbourhood community management issue).

Complete our ASB, nuisance noise and neighbourhood management issues online.

What is ASB?

  • Hate crimes. Harassing or causing harm to people based on their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or other protected characteristics
  • Crime/illegal activity. Unlawful acts that break the law, like drug dealing and consumption
  • Vandalism. Damaging or defacing property, such as graffiti or breaking windows
  • Bullying. Repeatedly harassing, intimidating, or threatening someone
  • Public disturbance. Loud and rowdy behaviour, public drunkenness, or causing other disturbances
  • Public intoxication. Alcohol or drug use in public places, leading to disruptive or dangerous behaviour
  • Assault. Physically harming or threatening to harm someone
  • Theft. Stealing someone’s property or belongings without permission
  • Harassment. Repeatedly bothering or tormenting someone through unwanted attention, actions, or communication

What is nuisance noise?

  • Loud music. Playing music at a high volume in a residential area late at night
  • Construction work. Noisy construction activities like drilling, hammering, or using heavy machinery during unreasonable hours
  • Parties. Hosting loud parties with blaring music and shouting that impacts a person or community
  • Barking dogs. Persistent and loud barking or howling from dogs
  • Car alarms. Continuous car alarms going off in the middle of the night
  • Traffic noise. Loud engines, honking of horns or sirens disrupting a quiet neighbourhood
  • Noisy neighbours. Frequent arguments, shouting, or slamming doors within apartment buildings

What is a neighbourhood management issue?

  • Banging doors or closing doors within reason
  • Cooking smells
  • Cigarette smoke smells
  • Inconsiderate parking
  • Children playing, including ball games
  • Young children or babies crying which do not raise any safeguarding concerns
  • Reasonable day to day living noise
  • DIY in reasonable hours
  • Moving furniture
  • Dogs barking, an isolated incident or for a short period of time
  • Social media, gossip or email disputes that are not harassment or a hate crime
  • Singing, whistling, and talking loudly
  • One off parties, celebrations, barbecues, or household gatherings at reasonable times
  • Using household appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, showers, toilets, or lawnmowers at reasonable times
  • Walking around the property, including going up and down the stairs
  • Young people gathering socially, unless they are being intimidating
  • Lifestyle or cultural differences like noise from coming home from shift work, meditation, praying and bins not being back

Report ASB, nuisance noise or a neighbourhood management issue online

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