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Making things better for customers

One way we improve our services is to ask you what you would like us to do differently. Here's what you told us, and how it's changed the way we do things

We are working hard to make things better for customers

We've been tackling the issues some customers tell us they would like to see improve. Such as repair delays, complicated complaints processes and anti-social behaviour in communities. We're continuing to listen and work with customers to get things right.

On average, we get feedback from around 4000 customers a year in one form or another. Customers are involved in surveys, procurement, communication, recruitment, scrutiny panels, equality, diversity, and inclusion activity (such as groups for customers with protected characteristics) and in helping to renew things like maintenance and repairs contracts.

We also have customers on our board, making sure feedback is included at every level. In this area of the website, you can see more on what customers are telling us, and the changes we're making. If you would like to share your views, there are lots of ways to get involved and change the way we do things.

"It seems they are learning and improving every day."

Indra Mudie, customer board member

"We need to listen more, and respond accordingly - that's our job."

Mark Henderson, Home Group chief executive

Find out what improvements we're making

Turning a radiator dial.

Doing things right: damp and mould

No one chooses to live with damp and mould, and it can be a serious issue. Over the last few years we have changed the way we deal with these issues. Find out more about these changes.


Doing things right: ASB

Customers tell us that anti-social behaviour (ASB) can make a huge difference to their lives. We want everyone to feel safe in their homes so dealing with ASB is a priority for us.

Customer and colleagues on sofa looking at Surface Pro

Doing things right: complaints

Customers told us the way we handled complaints wasn't good enough. Find out how we have changed the way we manage complaints.

Customers and colleagues chatting at event.

Your views

What our customers think about our services helps us improve what we do.

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