Service charges

Find out what service charges are and why you need to pay them.

Your service charge covers the cost of the services we provide to keep your home and surrounding area in tip-top condition. You pay it in addition to your rent.

Your tenancy agreement will tell you what exactly your service charge will cover, but in general it might include:

  • Gardening and grass cutting in communal (shared) gardens
  • Cleaning communal (shared) areas, stairs and car parks
  • Lighting communal (shared) areas
  • Maintaining door entry systems and other safety features
  • Window cleaning in communal (shared) areas
  • Maintaining communal (shared) lifts so they’re clean and working properly
  • Litter picking in the communal (shared) areas or outside
  • A management fee (to cover the cost of administering the services provided)

We review your service charge every year. If the amount you pay changes, we’ll always send you a letter to let you know first.

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